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"Student.com has certainly helped me a lot throughout the booking of accommodation. I can find them whenever needed. Beside 如何在IQ Option answering inquiries, they also help me in communication with the landlord which makes the booking process faster and much more convenient."

"I was very worried and desperate to find an accommodation when I contacted Student.com. They called me up not long after I signed up and found some places very quickly. It would've been much harder to find a place to stay without Student.com."

"如何在IQ Option I am very happy that I found Student.com and they did all important communication with me and with my hall. They helped me a lot 如何在IQ Option and their service was amazing! I had a manager of my mother tongue that was absolutely kind 如何在IQ Option and helping. I had no serious issues about the process. Thank you, Student.com!"

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"It is an excellent service, the staff on the phone was very friendly and she spoke my language which I consider to be very helpful if you 如何在IQ Option are from another country. I was helped in every 如何在IQ Option part of the process and I could find the perfect accommodation for me."

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Student.com is the largest marketplace for student accommodation in the world, listing more than 1 million beds in over 400 cities worldwide. We offer a wide range of rooms in purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA). These are properties that were built specifically for students and are managed by well-known and trusted student accommodation providers. Whether you’re looking for a shared flat or a private studio, you can find your ideal student home on Student.com. Our easy-to-use filters let you find a room for your specific needs and budget. With the map function you can see which housing options are close to your university, or in a 如何在IQ Option part of town you’d like to live in.

Booking a room on Student.com is very easy. Check out the options in the city you’ll be 如何在IQ Option studying in, and choose your favourite accommodation. You can then ask for more information on it, and wait for one of our helpful booking consultants to 如何在IQ Option contact you. If you don’t want to wait, you can of course always contact us as well. Just give us a call or send us a message through live chat.

If you don’t need any more information and are ready to book your accommodation, click the ‘book now’ button on the property page and fill in your details. We’ll get your tenancy contract sorted and ready for you to 如何在IQ Option sign. Once you’ve signed your contract and paid your 如何在IQ Option deposit to the landlord, your booking is complete and secured.


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