Bollinger Bands Books

Download 6 Bollinger Bands tutorials, books and PDFs for beginners and advanced traders from the Internet's largest collection of free trading books.

Use Bollinger Bands Like a Pro Free

Pepperstone, 1 Pages

This article summarises key insights provided by John Bollinger himself to Pepperstone clients. It also touches on two related Bollinger Band indicators you could use to inform your trading decisions: \% B and Bandwidth. Videos are also available for replay.

1-2-3s and Bollinger Bands Free

MQL5.com, 10 Pages

Bollinger Bands can help you identify market turning points (also known as trend reversal moments). However, they also have their limitations. This PDF explains how to use the 1-2-3 formation in conjunction with Bollinger Bands.

An Interview with John Bollinger Free

AIQ Opening Bell, 8 Pages, 1997

John Bollinger, best known for creating the Bollinger Bands indicators, discusses his favourite indicators and provides hands-on technical analysis tips for new and experienced traders.

Battle of the Bands Free

Active Trader Magazine, 6 什么是MT4附加功能? Pages

Bollinger Bands are price boundaries usually placed two standard deviations above and below a simple moving average. Traditionally, traders have viewed these bands as relative oversold and overbought levels. Others have interpreted them as trend reversal points. This article reviews empirical evidence around these strategies.

Bollinger Bands Trading Methods Free

TradeSmart, 8 Pages

This article outlines 3 trading strategies built around Bollinger Bands: 1) the Squeeze, 2) the Trend Trade and 3) Reversals. The Squeeze is perhaps the most popular Bollinger Band trading strategy and a volatility play, ahead of trend reversal.

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Bollinger Bands for the FX Trader Free For Beginners

Invest Magazine, 3 Pages

Bollinger Bands are price boundaries usually placed two standard deviations above and below a simple moving average. Understand how you can use them as trading signals to create your own trading strategies.

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宽客在线 于 2018-11-06 09:17:29 发布 16642 收藏 5


这几天帮一个朋友解决一个关于指标的问题 ,这个指标就是 STOCHRSI 。在网上查了很多资料,中文的真是甚少。而且仅有的也不是讲的很清楚。对于我这样的
交易小白,简直是天书。 不过只要研究多少会有点收获的,下面分享下经验,需要用这个的朋友可以借鉴。

天哪! 什么是MT4附加功能? 我竟然耐心看完了。(当时看见这个的时候,就感觉碰到钉子了。)
这个描述是通用 公式。但是有点编程经验的我也只能 猜!猜!猜!

  • 在网上找到的资料说,这个指标有大概3个不同形态。上面的公式是其中2个。 但是资料也没说,这3个不同形态的其他详细信息。
  • 在各个平台的图表行情中看、对比。发现,关于这个指标的描述各不相同。平台上的 什么是MT4附加功能? talib指标库 什么是MT4附加功能? 中的指标函数 STOCHRSI 的参数描述也没有完全明白。
  • 用talib指标库 传入参数 14,14,3,3 这组参数,得出的数据和其他平台的对比,发现差异较大。看了看参数描述发现不一样。于是放弃现成的。
  • 有点想动手撸这个指标…(有点怕怕,弄不好就被代码虐了)。

又发现 这个指标的不同描述,有的描述是指标输出的是 %K , %D两条线。 有的描述是 输出的为 STOCHRSI , MA(3) (这个描述的参数是14,14,3,3)
分析了一下, 其实 虽然是2种不同形态, %K === STOCHRSI , %D === MA(3) 输出的2条线(数据)计算公式是一样的。 确定 MA(3)中的3是一个参数。
剩下2个参数,动手往上面的公式里面带入,就是M 和 P1了 。14、3 都试试。最终发现撸出来的指标数据 ,终于对的上其他平台上的数据了。