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Invest with IQ Option in the IQ Option開戶 world's most popular and sought-after assets. Everything you are looking for in an ultimate investment platform — on the device of your choice.

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If you are already registered on the IQ Option platform, go to IQ Option開戶 the platform and use the login buttons at the IQ Option開戶 top of the page. If you are not registered yet, please register quickly using the registration form. After registering, IQ Option開戶 you can log in. Broker IQ Option for trading on the market of valuable currencies and assets.

Once logged in, you can trade with instruments such as Stocks, Forex and Crypto. Logging into the platform is very simple, for this you will need to have an email and know the password. If you still have problems IQ Option開戶 with authorization, then read the instructions below.

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Video IQ Option開戶 IQ Option開戶 How to use IQ Option after login

IQ Option sign up

After a successful login, you will be able to trade on a demo IQ Option開戶 or live account. Demo money cannot be withdrawn, it is used only for learning to trade. If you do not enter the IQ Option platform you will not IQ Option開戶 IQ Option開戶 be able to trade, you will only have basic information about the broker. You can log in or register on the IQ Option platform using your Facebook or Google account

Use one account to trade in the application for PC as well as iOS and Android.

How to enter the IQ Option platform step-by-step instructions


If you want IQ Option開戶 to get started, go to the main platform page or the login page. If you are using the app, launch it.

Login on PC

You can also use your Facebook or Google account to sign in. If you entered everything IQ Option開戶 correctly, you will see your account and the balance of the trading or demo account.

Are you having trouble signing in? Contact the support service, which works at the highest level, and they will always help you and answer all your questions. If it happens that you forgot your password, you can reset it on this page.

Why is my account blocked?

In this video, IQ Option開戶 you may find the answer to the question of why you cannot log into your account if it is IQ Option開戶 blocked.


There can be many reasons, most often you IQ Option開戶 enter the wrong username or password. If you encounter a problem when trying to log in, it is better to contact the support service on the site or write to the support mail [email protected]

This is due to the fact that you are using a VPN or IQ Option開戶 your IP is blocked by the security system of IQ Option開戶 the trading platform. For example, if your IP belongs to the USA region, then you will not be able to enter the platform because IQ Option does not accept traders from this country, and so on….


Broker IQ Option is one of the leading platforms in terms of trading. The best developers and analysts created an online broker back in 2013, many years have passed since then. The usability is really high, and therefore I don’t think you will have any problems with the login page. A high class of service and a lot of opportunities that today attract users from all over the world to the broker. At the moment, the number of IQ Option clients is growing steadily. Available IQ Option開戶 trading conditions, services, and modern software suggest that growth will continue in the future.

General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose

IQ Option評價:二元期權平台介紹、是否詐騙、安全性、出入金、優缺點完整分析


IQ Option是成立於2013年,註冊於聖文森,總部位於賽普勒斯的全球性差價合約/二元期權交易商。 最初以提供二元期權交易起家,2017年開始提供包括外匯、股票、加密貨幣、商品、指數以及ETF等差價合約(IQ Option開戶 CFD)產品。最大特色是可以用極低金額(1美元)開始交易二元期權,10美元就能開始外匯保證金交易。
IQ Option平台提供24小時客服,為目前世界100多個國家提供服務,擁有超過4000萬註冊用戶,已成為全球最大的二元期權經紀商之一


最低入金 10美元
入金方法 信用卡、簽帳金融卡、加密貨幣(USDT)、電子錢包(Skrill、Neteller、WebMoney WMZ)
出金方法 信用卡、簽帳金融卡、加密貨幣(USDT)、電子錢包Skrill、Neteller、WebMoney WMZ)
出金手續費 信用卡、簽帳金融卡、電子錢包2%;加密貨幣(USDT)免費
出金到賬週期 2-5個工作日 (信用卡) 3-7個工作日(電匯),需要一個外幣帳戶接收海外券商匯款



二元期權(英文:Binary option)類似一種猜漲跌的遊戲,投資人透過選擇「看漲」或「看跌」押注市場的漲跌結果。押對了就能獲利,反之,則將賠掉押注的本金。






IQ Option外匯


比如,你入金100美金,單筆投資10美金,1000倍槓桿,最大損失也就是10美金;而 匯價變動1%,你的收益就可以達到1000%(10倍) 。而二元期權交易最高也就拿90%收益,按理來說IQ Option外匯盈利的可能性要高的多。 在降低風險的同時,收益卻提高了,為何大家還做二元期權而不做外匯呢?

外匯交易前的準備-如何在IQ Option上交易外匯?


沒有開戶的新手需要去 IQ Option官網註冊開戶,並且下載電腦端客戶端APP ,方便以後登錄。而已經註冊IQ Option的老客戶需要再次下載電腦端客戶端才會出現外匯選項。

IQ Option外匯同時支持手機交易,可以從蘋果手機商店搜索IQ Option,選擇外匯(Forex)版本下載。同時,加密貨幣(Crypto)交易的手機移動端也已經開通。 以下為本站管理員在IQ IQ Option開戶 Option外匯 上的交易成績(50~500倍槓槓) 。


IQ Option外匯的優勢

4. 負餘額保護,最大損失為單筆下單金額 ;
6. 風險相同,收益是二元期權的幾倍乃至十幾倍!

IQ Option開戶

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Download app

Create IQ Option account

Set up robot and try on Demo

Make deposit and start earning

Download app

Create IQ Option開戶 IQ Option account

Set up robot and try on Demo

Make deposit and start earning

Risk warning: trading involves high risks including the risk of losing some or all of your investment amount and may not be suitable for all investors.