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MetaQuotes Language 4 (MQL4) is a built-in language for programming trading strategies. This language is developed 交易信号 by MetaQuotes Software Corp. based on their long experience in the creation of online trading platforms. Using this language, you can create your own Expert Advisors that make trading management automated and are perfectly suitable for implementing your own trading strategies. Besides, using MQL4 you can create your own technical indicators (custom indicators), scripts and libraries.

MQL4 contains a large number of functions necessary for analyzing current and previously received quotes, and 交易信号 has built-in basic indicators and functions for managing trade orders and controlling them. The MetaEditor (text editor) that highlights different constructions of MQL4 language is used for writing the program code. It helps users to orientate themselves in the expert system text quite easily.

The brief guide contains functions, operations, reserved words, and other language constructions divided into categories, and allows finding the description of every used element of the language.

Programs written in MetaQuotes Language 4 have different features and purposes:


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MetaQuotes to present what it takes to start a brokerage business at the Forex Traders Summit

MetaQuotes will take part in the Forex Traders Summit Dubai, the largest Forex summit in the Middle East, on February 16 and 17. The annual event brings together hundreds of professional and novice traders from over 30 countries. The discussion topics are focused both on B2B and B2C models: individual investors, brokers and fintech 交易信号 companies are invited to join in. The key event of the summit 交易信号 is the award ceremony for the 50 most influential figures in the Middle East financial markets industry. Among the candidates are individuals and companies able to change markets, form progressive ideas and set new industry standards.

MetaQuotes to present what it takes to start a brokerage business at the Forex Traders Summit

Our team members will explain visitors how to start a brokerage business from scratch using the ready-made MetaTrader 5 solution and showcase the latest 交易信号 developments of the company:

    — all-in-one and out-of-the-box solution that allows creating a fund and manage it via the unified exchange terminal featuring integrated risk management and analytics.
  • MetaTrader 5 Automations — the service that allows brokers to free up company resources and reduce monthly expenses. By automating their workflow, brokerage companies can get rid of routine operations and human errors.
  • Market data subscriptions in MetaTrader 5 — the ability to create fee-based real-time data subscriptions and start offering additional services, such as Personal Manager assistance. enables the analysis of all trader actions in the platform, from the first website 交易信号 visit to the real-account deposit. You are able to use the in-depth analytics to evaluate the efficiency of various customer attraction channels, as well as to accurately calculate LTV and Money Flow.
  • MetaTrader 5 Access Server Hosting — this all-new service assists companies in expanding to new markets by providing fast and secure connection to their trading servers for traders from all over the world.
  • Built-in KYC solutions — fast and reliable user document verification. Minimize manual operations and handle requests in one click.

MetaQuotes representatives will also touch upon several other topics, including new integrations with exchanges and liquidity providers, integrations with SMS providers and other MetaTrader 5 trading platform features.